Scheduling Consultations & Appointments

1. Before proceeding, please read over all info on this page  sERIOUSLY. All the answers you seek are mere seconds away.


2. Familiarize yourself with BJ's Work. If you don't see anything like the design you're looking for,  BJ may not be the artist for you.

3. Complete The pre-appointment Survey Below



  • How much do you charge?  

The hourly rate for tattooing is $125 per hour.  That is billed on actual tattooing time- the consulting and drawing preparations are included.

  • Is a face to face consultation required before my tattoo appointment?  

Not necessarily.  We have an "intake form" you must fill out which gets us most of the information  needed.  BJ will email you additional questions and discuss scheduling after he has reviewed your completed form. A non-refundable $50 deposit to secure your artwork prep and appointment slot is required.

  • Will you do this tattoo I saw on Instagram / Pinterest / Facebook?  

If it is an existing tattoo on a person, ABSOLUTELY NOT. BJ will not copy another artists work.  No exceptions.  However - he CAN use other tattoos as REFERENCE to the style, color palette and placement you desire.  You are encouraged to send any images you've collected online as examples of the type of tattoo you would like.